Rise of the 'trendless' wardrobe: 15 pieces that are timeless and will be kept forever

As we move away from fast fashion, the idea of the 'trendless' wardrobe is on the rise. Here are 15 timeless pieces that will be kept forever

In the world of fast fashion, it's easy to get sucked into the vacuum that is cheap clothes.

They are accessible, trendy and for a split second, they provide a spark which can only be ignited through clothing. However, the infatuation with this type of fast fashion is damaging the planet. 85% of our old clothes end up in landfill each year. Not only is this number high, but it will also grow if we don't change our spending habits.

All of this paves the path for a way of thinking which has always been there but is rarely utilised.


'Quality over quantity' isn't a new concept. Our mothers and grandmothers have been doing it for years. My mother still wears coats and dresses she bought nearly 30 years ago. When I was a teenager and she would treat me to the odd new item, she made me swear that I would wear it more than once. To this day, I still abide by that rule.


Trendless pieces are classics under a different name. These items are never influenced by runway fads. The pieces appear year after year because the versatility and dependability of each outweigh the power of a viral Instagram post. Shapes and design elements are simple and refuse to take centre stage, gaining power through wearability.

Buying quality pieces such as these means you will spend more, but the price does not have to be extortionate. When spending more than usual, take a mental image of your existing wardrobe and see how the piece will fit. Then think about the cost-per-wear ratio and whether the financial spend makes sense to you.

Shops such as Arket and COS are experts at designing pieces of superb quality at a price which won't leave you crying over your pennies. What's more, stick to muted colours such as black, white, cream and deep shades of green and wine to ensure longevity.

Make the move to trendless and in 30 years these items will still play a part in your wardrobe.


Relaxed high-rise jeans, €69 at & Other Stories

Strappy lace-up leather stilettos, €79 at & Other Stories

Joseph silk-blend turtleneck top, €255 at Net A Porter

Collarless a-line wool coat, €195 at COS


Gem boot in black, €570 at Dear Frances

Valentin dress, €300 at Reformation

Oversized poplin shirt, €69 at Arket 


The R Collective Bermondsey belted cropped wide-leg trouser, €279.04 at Net A Porter

V-10 leather extra white black, €125 at Veja

By Malene Birger Helia frayed high-rise straight-leg jeans, €195 at Net A Porter

Khaki smock top by Topshop Boutique, €103 at Topshop


Paris blazer and Chana trousers, €140 at Weekday 

Glamorous curve midi dress, €48.39 at ASOS

Down puffer jacket, €190 at Arket


Burgundy Selina leather wrap skirt, €199 at Whistles

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