In spite of the fact that men seem to adore them and go nuts whenever they wear them, the jury is still out on whether Traxedoz are the best or the worst thing to have ever happened to the tracksuit or tuxedo respectively. A hybrid of the two, it seems to get worn for any event, be it a stag night, a wedding or a night at the local. According to the exuberant team behind them, they ?'mixed wild Hungarian tracksuits with East Indian organic tuxedos to produce what some consider the greatest invention of all time.? Having recently spotted people wearing these at house parties we decided to give them a closer look. On the one hand they appear to be quite quirkily put together (there's a little fake bow-tie) and they certainly make an impact. On the other hand however, they simply look like some old colourful tracksuit you remember your dad wearing at the end of the €80's that still horrifies you every time you look at a family ?photograph album. But still, they are undeniably quite cool. It's a marmite fashion item, we really can't decide.?

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna


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