Seven transitional weather knits you can wear as of today

Irish weather has taught us one important lesson over the years; and that is, expect the unexpected. Usually, it’s an umbrella in one hand, and shades in the other. But did you ever think you'd see the words “Ireland is officially in a drought” plastered all over the national news? Such a statement would have been laughable during February’s #BeastFromTheEast - which left us fighting over sliced pans. It's undeniable that this summer's heat left us more confused than Leaving Cert maths, but temperatures have taken a nosedive in the last few days. We might be slightly apprehensive about the concept of weather limbo, but we're welcoming oversized knitwear with open arms as autumn knocks on our doors and haunts our morning commutes.

Autumn is the season to be cosy and comfortable and I’m screaming for cosy layers. I’m a sucker for a big knit; I’d wear one year round if I could. Honestly, summer dressing never gave me that same excitement that autumnal warmth could always give. The past few days, I’ve been searching for that perfect knit, and you should too. No, it’s not appropriate to break out faux fur and fancy gloves just yet. But you can begin wrapping up in this season's staple. I'm over the weather changing at least three times a day, from the moment I leave my house until my last cup of tea at night. And if you're anything like me, you're over it too. Between shivering bones, sweaty commutes, and looking like a drowned rat, I’m ready for some consistency. Let's wave goodbye to summer, grab a pumpkin spice latte and most importantly, take on this season's knitwear offerings.

A light, knitted sweater is the perfect and easiest way to transition seasons while keeping warm, yet not too warm. Pair your knit with a denim skirt or high-waisted jeans for a less wintery look; we're ready, but not too ready. Covering up never looked so good. I've sussed out some light, easy-transitional knitwear pieces that you can add to your transitional wardrobe as of today:

Pompom sweater, €29.95 at Zara


Textured shimmer sweater, €79.95 at Massimo Dutti

Ottoman cropped jumper, €40 at Topshop

Ribbed polo-neck jumper, €39.99 at H&M


Oversized cardigan in twisted mesh knit, €395 at Maje

Contrasting knit sweater, €35.99 at Mango

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