Topshop Wants You To Talk About Your Lady Garden

Topshop has joined together with The Lady Garden Campaign to create a series of jumpers as a call to action to prevent female cancers. Fronted by powerhouse Cara Delevingne, The Lady Garden Campaign?was compiled by a group of British women who are dedicated to changing the future of female cancers - also known as the silent killers.

Topshop will stock two jumpers - one grey and one black - and joggers, which were designed by young British designer?Simeon Farrar and will be available in stores from September 8th.

Gynaecological cancers are among the highest killers here in Ireland. Latest figures from The National Cancer Registry of Ireland shows that 1,091 new cases of these particular cancers were diagnosed here this year.

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We need to talk about vaginas

Whatever your preferred terminology may be, every woman has one; so why are?we not talking about them? Recent research carried out by the campaign group show that 41 percent of 1000 women surveyed in August say that they are too embarrassed to go to the doctor if they are having issues downstairs.

Campaigns such as this are a great way to help women overcome negative relationships with their bodies, and particularly the general unhappiness women feel towards their vaginas (oh my god she said vagina!!!). Shockingly, more women than ever are opting to go under the knife to get their "normal" (or "designer") vaginas, and doctors are pointing the blame at the porn industry and lack of sexual education.

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So what does a normal lady garden look like? Firstly, a "normal" lady garden is the one you have! You are normal AKA perfect as you are; there's no one size fits all when it comes to female anatomy. ?For your own self, it's always helpful to self-examine?(all you need is a mirror) so you know what is regular for you and what isn't, otherwise, a trip to the?gynaecologist?is the way to go.

If you notice something's off, there's no need to wait or more so, put it off due to embarrassment; it's better to stay healthy, so go and get checked.


?There's a taboo surrounding vaginas and I just want to get rid of it. It's part of our anatomy,? Delevingne said of the campaign: ?I think everyone should be comfortable being naked because everyone's body is beautiful, no matter how different they think they are.? Here, here.

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