Togged Out

Let's talk bikinis and ignore the weather

Maybe we only started paying attention to bikinis properly this year because last summer caught us off guard in all its glory, exposing our much-neglected bally bikinis that hadn't been refreshed since circa 2009. But the upshot is that we have been combing the web and shops for new swimmies over the past few months. And indeed, it would seem swimwear has upped its game for 2014. High waist is in, as are one-piece swimsuits with sexy keyholes and playful nudity, and 1940's lines and structured tops. And yet the good old mix?n'match low-rise brazilians and incy bincy bikinis have still not lost their charm. One of the trends that seems to escape us is the ultra sporty trend (as seen on Kate Upton in June'sVogue), we simply don't think it's really beachy and far better suited to the pool. However, with a variety of shapes and models to choose from, ?we shopped about only to find that we could not make our minds up as to what trends to embrace for this year's (hopefullly) hot season.

So this is simply a mood board of swimwear ideas that we (or I) like.


Roisn Agnew @Roxeenna

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