Tiffany & Co. New Ad Features Same Sex Couple

Tiffany & Co. has got with the times in a beautiful new advertisement featuring a same sex couple; a first for the brand.

The campaign has the signature Tiffany & Co. New York style and the couple featured aren't models, but real-life partners. Between this and the video we posted earlier featuring elderly couples talking about their happiest moments, Monday mascara is a mess.

It's going to be major year for LGBTQ rights in Ireland this year with the marriage equality referendum on the table, so it's nice to see one of the world's most iconic jewelers taking a firm stance.


In recent years fashion brands have been quick to associate themselves with progressive causes - Barney's department store featured transexual models in a campaign last year - so it's no longer a matter of whether a company will take a political stance, and more a case of when. Bravo to Tiffany & Co. - small things like this send a clear message and matter a lot. Even if the engangement rings are out of the budget range.

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