Tidings: The new Irish accessories brand injecting positivity into your wardrobe

Tidings is the brainchild of Irish designer Niamh Gillespie, who has a 20-year design career in both the UK and Ireland

Accessories for transitional seasons can be difficult to choose. You want to protect yourself from the elements, while also making a statement about your style — and in 2020, a little positivity wouldn't go amiss.

Next month, a new Irish accessories brand Tidings will launch its debut collection of luxury scarves and pocket squares.

The designs have been lovingly brought to life by designer Niamh Gillespie, whose 20-year design career has seen her working with world-class names, including Liberty of London and Alexander McQueen. Tidings is Gillespie's first solo collection, and showcases her unique personality throughout, with typographic designs and tongue-in-cheek slogans that give us all the smile we've been craving.


Marrying Irish design with Italian silks, Tidings includes such slogans as 'Chin Up!' and 'Keep your Shit together', or you can opt for a limited edition print instead.

Speaking about the launch, creator Niamh Gillespie said she was inspired by finding a message in a bottle while walking along the beach. "I love the idea of wearing a message on a scarf, beautifully packaged to send as a gift. Hence the name Tidings, meaning message and sea tides. It all just seemed to fit perfectly," she said.

“Launching Tidings has been an opportunity for me to combine my fashion, design, and typographic skills together, and wrap them up with a silken, attitude-filled bow!" continued Gillespie. "These are strange days and using fashion and art to share our feelings, send a message and focus on some optimism seems vital."

Prices for the 100% silk twill scarves start at €110 for a 45cm x 45cm size. Tidings will be available online from September 15.

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