This Unretouched Beach Body Ad Is All Kinds Of Brilliant

We're in the midst of Last Minute Bikini Body Ready Tips season, and we're weary as hell. Sorry, but doing a gazillion planks and push ups and squats when we're trying to squirrel away money for an Airbnb in a country that didn't exist when we were born, by working all the time, doesn't leave us much time to take our thighs as seriously as the weight-shaming industry would like us to. Which is why this unretouched swimsuit campaign is all kinds of fabulous.

Swimsuits For All and model Denise Bidot have teamed up to create an unretouched video that is garnering all sorts of praise for its use of a stunning woman and its avoidance of the photoshop tools. It's empowering, it's pretty, and it's real.

Personally, this writer wants to screw open a box of fizzy wine in celebration of the fact we're finally seeing stretch marks in an advertisement that encourages women to strip off. As the tagline says ?Be unapologetically you. #BeachBodyNotSorry?


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