This one classic top is going to transform your winter wardrobe

Groundbreaking, it ain't, but the roll-necks versatility could make it your winter wardrobe transformer

There’s one item in your wardrobe that you’re doing wrong, and when you do it right, it’s going to change your life. Alright, maybe not your life. But definitely your wardrobe.

You know that jumper you wish you could wear every day? The one you wear at least twice a week? Maybe it's because the material is cosy, maybe the shade of it brightens up your day. You need another one of those. Something soothing, in a colour you love, something extra cosy. Is it a roll-neck jumper? Are you wearing it just on its own, only with jeans or a skirt? Then you’re doing it wrong.


A roll-neck jumper serves not only to shield your eyes from bad news but also acts as a practical fashion piece that’ll turn your summer wardrobe into winterwear. Yes, a roll-neck goes with everything, but it’s even more versatile and useful than you’re giving it credit for.

That sleeveless summer slip that you wish you could wear year-round? Stick a roll-neck under it. Your favourite blue and white striped shirt that's too cold to wear on its own? Stick a roll-neck under it. That leather corset you bought but don’t know how to wear? Can you guess what you should do next? 

The point is, once you’re looking at your wardrobe stuffed with clothes and thinking you have nothing to wear, you need to think, “can I stick a roll-neck under it?” and watch all your outfit opportunities transform before your eyes. Your favourite printed jumper that’s a little too thin to be considered a winter jumper. Your t-shirt that's a little too chilly. Tuck roll-necks into high waisted skirts and jeans and throw an unbuttoned shirt on top. Your washing pile is overflowing? Put a roll-neck under a summer slip dress and add chunky boots.

Getting dressed is all of a sudden a whole lot easier. No, it’s not the most groundbreaking of fashion hacks, but it’s a stealthy sartorial skill for staying stylish and toasty, which is definitely just a little groundbreaking.

The only thing you have to do is get a roll-neck that’s slim-fitting for extra layering possibilities and comes in a neutral colour. Black will go with everything and white will turn all your outfits into something Princess Diana would wear skiing. Happy shopping in your own wardrobe.


Shop neutral roll-necks below.


Marks and Spencer Ribbed Roll Neck Fitted Jumper, €16.80

Basler Classic Polo Neck Sweater, €45



& Other Stories Cropped Mock Neck Sweater, €39

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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