This Smart Bikini Tells You When To Apply Sunscreen

Summertime means holidays and (hopefully) many of us trotting off ?to ?warmer, hotter places. This comes with its own set of rules however, because if you're going to be out in the sun, you need to be re-applying sunscreen on the regular. We know it's annoying to have to do this, but it's hugely important in terms of preventing skin cancer and premature ageing. No one likes to feel that (sun) burn or deal with other forms of dermal damage.?Thankfully, the days of you forgetting to apply sunscreen can now be a thing of the past, thanks to an?incredible new smart bikini that actually tells you when you have to top it up. This is real and for now, available in France. We want it.

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If you choose to purchase said bikini you'll?get a two-piece swimsuit with a small detachable ultraviolet sensor that, through a smartphone or tablet, sends a 'sun screen alert? when your'skin needs more protective sun cream.

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Are you worried about your boyfriend or girlfriend forgetting to apply their sun cream? Fear not, there's even a special ?Valentine? function that sends a message to your other half's smartphone, letting them know it's time?to top up.


The detector on the bikini is calibrated to the wearer's skin type and how much of a tan she wants to get. "The idea came to me right away, on a day when I saw someone get sunburnt on a beach," the Frenchwoman behind the smart bikinis, Marie Spinali, said. She started her company, Spinali Design, last month in the?Alsatian??town of Mulhouse where she lives, and sells the bikinis through her website. "It's not a gimmick," she added, explaining that often when people think to add more sunscreen, it's too late and they already have sunburn.

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Doctor Claudine Blanchet-Bardon of France's National Association of Dermatologists said the device was "interesting, because anything that warns people against UV exposure is good."

But she added that it's not a fully preventative method for protecting against sun exposure (obviously enough), ?The best protection against the sun is to not get too much exposure and to stay covered with clothes," she added.

There's even a small video on the making of the bikini:

We'd love to know how good this really is, would you try it?




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