Theresa May: From PM To Vogue Cover Girl

It's a very Vogue thing to go and put someone we least expect on the cover of the fashion bible - but we love it.

This coming April, Theresa May will become the first ever British Prime Minister to feature on the cover of the coveted American title.?While May has featured inside the hallowed spine of British Vogue, this will be her first venture on the cover, and a real win for Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour.

It was orchestrated in total secrecy under the surveillance and guidance of Wintour, who has been?flexing her fashion and political power of late (having been chief?fashion adviser to Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign and an avid supporter).

Fashion has?played a strong role throughout the PM's political and private life; she has been quite open about her love of fashion; and her particular love of Vogue. During an interview with Radio 4's Desert Island Discs in 2014, May said that if she was ever stranded on a deserted island, the one luxury item she would bring would be?a lifetime subscription to Vogue.



The last time PM May made fashion headlines she caused a stir (remember the €995 pair of brown leather pants?) and prompted?a lot of criticism. but May certainly holds her own when it comes to distinctive political style.

Between silhouette-hugging skirts and a growing collection of fine footwear and chic suits,?May is often praised for her modern approach to political wardrobes, and is a result of her continually "pushing the boundaries of Prime Minister attire". Although despite this, we still reckon she could learn a thing or two from our glamorous Sabina Higgins.

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