There Might Be A Grace Coddington Movie

Grace Coddington, the distinctive and flame-haired creative director of American Vogue, may be getting a movie made about her life. According to emails leaked by Wikileaks, Sony has been circling the idea of adapting Coddington's life story for the screen.

Now, we're not putting all our hopeful eggs in one basket, this is Hollywood, but how cap locks AWESOME would a movie about Grace Coddington be? The emails in question date from 2013 and talk about meeting being set up between fomer co-chariman Amy Pascal and Coddington.

After the release of 2009 documentary The September Issue, which followed the production of a mammoth issue of fashion magazine Vogue, one star burned more incandescent than any other: that of the quiet and witty Grace Coddington. While everyone else lost their heads over what to do with Sienna Miller's hair, Grace just did her job and created stunning photo-shoots while dealing with the unshakeable whims of Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

A few years later in 2012 Coddington published her stunning autobiography, Grace: A Memoir. The book tells the story of how she went from a reluctant model in 1960s London and Paris, to her job at Vogue. Along the way there's a car accident that derails her career, leading her to consider the other side of the camera. There are dramatic love affairs and friendships with big names designers. It's all very filmable.


The emails discuss her life might not be contained to a movie - that there is scope for a television series. However, in 2013 Grace wasn't so keen on that. Now, it seems this project may be on the backburner, but one positive of these email leaks might be that Sony reconsiders the project. After all, it sounds pretty amazing.

Here's the grand dame talking about her journey to fashion through a love for beautiful things while she travels along the streets of Paris. It's poignant and beautiful stuff.

?I think I got left behind somewhere,? she muses as she overlooks the splendor of Versailles.

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