There Are Christmas Suits Now

If you thought Christmas jumpers were blight enough on the smoking areas of this fair isle, you might want to lie down and fall into a coma. The ugly Christmas suit is now a thing, Esquire reports are the folks spearheading the ?trend? and while we hope to our dear Lord and the baby Jesus these creations do not catch on, the designer does deserves some sort of award for the ugliness achieved. If there was one thing obnoxious lads on a never-ending-until-the-ER Twelve Pubs crawl needed, it was snowflakes and reindeers prancing across their crotches - see The Rudolph Suave.

For a glimpse at something to make us regret anything we've ever said in favour of colour blocking, we present The Holiday Tree. The only good thing you can say about ugly Christmas suits is that are so bad they'll sober you up straight away and possibly prevent any regrettable lip-smacking on New Year's Eve.

A photo posted by Maison Kitsune (@kitsune) on Oct 10, 2014 at 9:41am PDT


We don't think the Christmas suit is going to catch on, despite the sold out banners on the Shinesty site. One can be too naff for Jesus? birthday. However, while we kill this trend can we make a comforting bonfire for all those hideous jumpers that have been incessantly popping up the last few years? There are only so many mass-produced Rudolphs a girl cannot roll her eyes at.

Can we return to the classic knit, subtly adorned with gentle snowflakes, os opposed to 3D red noses that epileptically?flash? Or how about this lovely Nordic-looking knit from French brand Maison Kitsun???Now that, my male friends, is how you have us scouting for mistletoe with a hopeful glint in our eyes.

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