The Ultimate Luxury Lounge-Wear Edit

Are you a bit of a home bird or do you simply like changing into something really cosy the second?you get home? Either way, we have exactly what you need.?Get ready to snuggle.

We totally understand the urge to slip into some comfy amorphous?trousers as soon as you get home, especially when the days are so short and the darkness is luring you to sit by the fireplace/in front of the TV. Who doesn't (and who spends a moment longer in tights than they have to)?

The good news is this season has more to offer in terms of lounging in style than maybe ever before. The bad news is there's no excuse for wearing the boyfriend's old school Cantos or those fleecy things that have lost their waist string and are all frayed at the cuff anymore.


Grab a?lovely glass of (mulled) wine, bundle up and check out our loungewear hall of fame- as far as we're concerned, the softer, the better. ?These are so good, you'll even be able to hold your head up high if you wear them outside. Just don't forget to switch the furry slippers for proper shoes.


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