The Return Of Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings made a triumphant return to?catwalks earlier this year and the nineties staple is now flooding our shopping radar. Only instead of Lily Allen-esque appropriation we've got wacky shapes, small and discreet minimalism, or flat-out imposing statement pieces.

Think modern disco queen, child of rock stars raised away from the media glare on the quiet side of Ibiza, apartment with the art-of-friends hanging on the wall Cool Girl. Ignore the haters, those with classist sneers, babies with grabby hands because a ripped lobe is something of an awkward look.


Hoop earrings are the spirit animal of any girl looking to embrace her true Rihanna-channelling self. They are talismans of sassiness and please-yourself-elegance. They can be brash, hitting your neck, or they can be subtle, hinting at rebellion. Either way, they tell a story of badassery, which is why we're gone wallet-eyed at some internet browsing we indulged in to make our case for an investment in some Autumn/Winter hoops.

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