The Perfect Reason To (Always) Break Out The Flats

...As if we needed much persuasion;?but if you do hail your heels you might want to read this because?new evidence that suggests women could be causing significant damage to their bones and joints; leading to painful?osteoarthritis.

The research was carried out by scientists at Stanford University who have found that every time a woman puts on a pair of stilettos, she is putting dangerous levels of strain on her joints. And for women who are overweight, the damage is even worse.

Because of this there is growing speculation of women - young and old - developing?osteoarthritis; which normally develops in people older than 65.

The report says that the higher the heel the more likely it is that the knees were bent when shoes made contact with the ground - increasing the strain on the knee joint. Similar effects were seen when the women stopped walking (that infamous bent-knee walk we see struggling down Harcourt'street at the weekend)

It's recommended that we stick to flats for day-to-day wear, and only wear heels on special occasions or weekends.


Dr?Anil Arora is the lead consultant at the Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, who explains just what happen when we wear killer heels: "walking for long periods on the balls of the feet causes aches and pains, stress fractures, trapped nerves and increased wear and tear on the joints and soft tissue. Wearing high heels shortens the Achilles tendon, causing a'restriction in ankle movement, and jams the toes into the front of the shoe, which can cramp and deform them".

But going flat doesn't mean you have to lose out on style, though. Why not try some of these on for size and save yourself future painful trips to the doctor.


Left-right; Miu Miu ballerina slipper ??631.52, &OtherStories leather flats €135, Alexander McQueen Dalston studded leather and glossed-leather cutout sandals €197.50


Left-right; River Island black leather faux fur backless loafers €75, Asos?MYLO embroidered flat shoes €33.33, Valentino Rockstud €1000.42


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