The New Nose Ring

Rihanna is the latest star to flirt with septum piercing...

Earlier this week Rihanna stepped out in yet another eye-catching and headline dominating outfit. However this time she wasn't courting attention in a sheer CFDA gown way, rather BadGirlRiRi - never forget her cancelled Instagram account handle - was working the nineties work to perfection. Silky white slip dress? Check. Converse runners? Check. Bubble hat? Yes, and check. The only ?huh?? the ensemble elicited was her septum nose piercing and we here at have been debating the accessory ever since. Are septum piercings cool, or are they just a bit much?

In 2007 Scarlett Johansson got the septum ball rolling when she stepped out with a delicate piercing - however her flirtation with the trend was brief. It was Ginvenchy's Autumn/Winter 12/13 collections that foreshadowed the trend as we are starting to know it and at Coachella a few weeks ago the It Girl du jour, Kendall Jenner, sashayed around the Californian festival with her own oversized version, albeit a fake one. If it's mini Kardashian approved it's high street bound. Yet there's been plenty of controversy surrounding the latest celebrity accessory with accusations of female stars culturally appropriating septum piercings. The septum piercing is a regular feature at weddings in South East Asia and is especially prevalent in rural Bengal and Nepal.

What say you - septum pierce away? Or are these a facial accessory too far?


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun


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