The Irish Photographer You're Going To Hear About

Never said we didn't keep you in the loop when it comes to the best of Irish fashion. Today the name we're adding to your sartorial lexicon is Andrew Nuding, a 22-year-old photographer whose work is featuring in the NCAD graduate show this year. Andrew's work is beloved by many of our in-the-know staffers - our own Jo Linehan positively gushes when you mention his name - and his work has featured in Dazed and Confused. And counts American Apparel among his commercial clients.

Yes, you read 22-years-old fact correctly earlier.

As part of the graduate exhibition, a showcase of Ireland's most exciting nascent creative talent, Nuding will be presenting a body of work entitled ?Apparitions?. While indie fashion is what pays Andrew's bills, for Apparitions he has chosen to explore Marian apparitions across Ireland. For those of you not familiar with Reeling in the Years, Marian apparitions refer to sightings of the Virgin Mary. Andrew travelled to places of pilgrimage across the country, from Donegal to Cork via Sligo, Mayo and Limerick, documenting these Catholic places of worship.

The works that emerged offer a picture of Ireland that some people tend to ignore with the fall off of regular church attendance in recent years. ?Every road I took led me to the same stark truth that these once congested symbols of faith have been largely forgotten with the decline of the Church's influence,? Andrew says of the project.

For more glimpses at Andrew's work see his official site, or visit the exhibition in the coming days (details below). You'll finally see why we're getting a distinct The Next Boo George vibe off this boy.

The 2015 Graduate Exhibitions will open to the public tonight Friday 12th June at 6pm. The exhibitions will run until Sunday 21st June across NCAD's campus at 100 Thomas Street, adjoining John Street West building, former Frawleys at 35 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, Emmet House, James's Street and Steambox Gallery on School Street. Admission is free, and all are welcome.

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