The Instagram accounts inspiring me to start getting dressed again

As we've been living in our own little bubbles during isolation our sartorial standards have dived dramatically, but we're starting to crave our clothes again. 

I don't know about you, but for weeks the thought of putting anything that's not leggings or loungewear on my body has been just too much. I look at my jeans every so often, only to baulk at the thought of their rigid structure and retreat to their more comfortable counterparts.

Perhaps it's knowing when some of our current restrictions are going to be eased and the idea of gaining a little normality back, albeit gradually, but I've started to think about my real clothes again.

Having abandoned them for so long though, I feel a little intimidated by deciding what I want to wear. Like I'm out of practice at a musical instrument I used to be good at. Naturally, I've turned to Instagram, paying attention to outfit posts that I'd been scrolling past without noticing for weeks, and there's plenty of inspiration to be had. Here are some of the looks that are making me excited about getting dressed again.


Look, I know I just said I'm excited to abandon my loungewear, but there's such a thing as too much, too soon. This luxe yet relaxed linen combination is exactly the sort of thing I want to wear to ease myself back into my regular wardrobe.

I love a suit at the best of times, and it's so antithetical to my lounging life over the past few weeks that I'm itching to get one on. Mafalda Patrício shows how to make one work casually, so you don't even have to wait for a special occasion.


As someone who appreciates colour but finds it hard to wear, I love this colourful combination that's been pared back with a more neutral trench coat. Those trousers also look like they have some stretch in them, which I'm very interested in as I try to wean myself off leggings.

With temperatures gradually getting warmer, I can't wait for the chance to experiment with more summer pieces. Roisin Haines here gives us a perfect example of combining warm-weather pieces with layers, so you don't have to wait for a scorching day to break them out.

It's been a very long time since I've gotten dressed up, so I'm mesmerised by the shapes and colours of this amazing outfit from Michelle Li. Extra points for glittery eyeshadow.


A jumpsuit is the perfect getting-dressed solution for those of us who have forgotten how to do so, and I love this utilitarian style.

This combination of colours is really making me want to put something bright on, and the patterned trousers are unexpectedly great.


When I do finally persuade myself to put jeans on again, I want to look as good as this. The wide-leg, high-waist style makes them feel just the right side of dressed up, and I always love a white shirt.

The beautiful simplicity of Aoife Mulvenna's look here feels approachable to my out-of-practice fashion brain. It's safe to say I've already eyed up both her trousers and those great sandals online.

I am decidedly not a dress person, but if there was ever a dress to convert me, this would be it. Its gorgeous billowing shape is like a work of art, and I imagine it's even comfortable enough for someone who's lived in leggings for seven weeks.


With billowy trousers, cool trainers and a great pair of sunglasses, and a deep green colour palette, this is definitely a look I could get on board with.

Featured image: @brittanybathgate, @emilisindlev, @thelanguageofyolande

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