If you loved The Hills, you’ll remember these fashion pieces

The Hills is back for a 2019 revival, but we're still lusting after those babydoll dresses and low rise jeans of its noughties heyday.

Natasha Bedingfield's lyrics might have purported that 'the rest is still unwritten', but the iconic reality show The Hills is back as of last night — and the story goes on.

It's been almost a decade since the Los Angeles-based show outlined the formula for a gripping (albeit fluffy) "real life" drama, following the impeccably blond and permatanned lives of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag et al.


If you were a fan of the show the first time around, you were most likely swayed by the appeal of the Hollywood uniform. I mean, raise your hand if you were personally victimised by a puffball dress in the mid-aughts? After all, what could have been more enticing than dressing like the real life interns at the real life Teen Vogue West Coast office?

Over the course of four years, there were style highs and lows; and to paraphrase the words of Conrad herself, we can forgive them but we can never forget them.

Let's throw it back to the City of Angels, circa 2006.

White denim


Zipped bandage dresses 

Caged stilettos



Sequin tank tops


Black alice bands



Babydoll dresses



Leather hot pants


Bug eye sunglasses



Low rise denim


Puffball hemlines



Questionable mini dresses


Chunky costume beads 



Slouchy bags

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