The Best Way to Say F You

If only there was a way to express your mood, especially when it's a bad one, without anyone ever having to know. But still a way that gave you a secretive, smug satisfaction. Say, for example, you're in a meeting with someone who rubs you up entirely the wrong way and, though you may dream of it, you'd never actually turn around and tell them where to shove it. If only you could wear something emblazoned with your favourite two-fingered gesture that was visible only to you.

Well, dear readers, there's now a solution to your disgruntled woes. RipNdips' Cat T-Shirt has a hidden surprise in the pocket that will give both you and your friends an endless supply of chuckles.

What'll be especially gratifying though is when the person at whom the inside message is directed comments on how 'cute' your tee is. Oh, if only they knew. *engages evil laugh*.

Of course, when the t-shirt inevitably grows in popularity, becoming recognised the world over, your crafty ploy to tell your foes to eff off will render entirely redundant. But still, at least we've gotten a kick out of it.


For those who are too classy to say what they really feel, but cunning enough to try.

rip n dip


Rip n Dip

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