The Best Of Street Style From Paris Fashion Week

It's officially time to upgrade your winter wardrobe. You might only be wrapping your head around the idea of reinventing your jumper collection, but designers are already showcasing their spring and summer 2017 collections to the world - talk about fast-moving-fashion, eh? While we're not quite ready to don a pair of sheer shorts or a futuristic headpiece just yet (not entirely suitable for Irish autumnal weather), we can learn a thing or two from the pros who were seen at Paris Fashion Week. One of the largest fashion events in any reputable fashion insider, the week-long event is due to end this week on Wednesday, October 5th.

This week really was an 'anything goes' kind of week as we've seen at?Manish Arora;?who opted to colour-coordinate her pomeranian pooches to better pair with the child-like inspired outfit creations. And what about?Maison Margiela's pioneering PVC outfits; complete with futuristic headwear, elf-like ears, and glitter eyebrows? Yes, it was a whacky week for fashion, but it was the catwalk regulars, editors, and bloggers that kept us grounded.



Manish Arora

What have we learned? Our ankles are more resilient than we think and are tough enough to handle the slight drop in temperature - perfect for flares and midi skirts. Layering on top is?both functional and trendy. Not ready to say goodbye to that gorgeous spaghetti-strap lace top from Zara? Try layering it over a tight-fitting polo neck or a plain white shirt for maximum adaptation?from summer to winter. Don't restrict yourself to certain colors because anything goes, but if you want to play it a bit more safely, warm greys, natural stone tones, and warm berry tones always make for winning combinations. Make a political statement with the clothes you wear to stand up for what you believe it. And, lastly, never underestimate the power of ?a good pair of denim jeans, and when in doubt, always buy the shoes. Take a look at our gallery to see our top street style picks from the week.

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