The Best And Worst Of The Met Gala

The theme of last night's Met Gala was China: Through The Looking Glass. Let's see how a bunch of mostly white people interpreted that. There was a lot of red!

Carey Mulligan probably thought to herself, ?I'm the most caucasian?and most English actress in the industry right now, so I'll wear black.?

Imagine showing up to a party and Justin Bieber is there.


All hail Helen Mirren for that pink bra.

The Firths are such a polished couple that they're almost overtaking Angelina and Brad in tuxedos on our list of polished couples.

Robert Pattinson never wants to be anywhere so kudos to him for dry-cleaning the suit and working a geometric dickie bow.


Linda Evangelista gets out of bed these days with the bed sheets.

Does Jennifer Lopez bathe in the blood of virgins? Her skin is inhumanly perfect. Props to Jenny for being the sexiest cultural motif on the night.

Although maybe her dress didn't need this feature.

Hi Kim!


Amal Clooney and husband George. We read an article at the weekend that said George installed a runway in his and Amal's home.

Have to say, we love Sienna Miller's outfit.

Kendall Jenner has very healthy looking hair, doesn't she? We thought this gown was very safe in a Bond movie premiere kind of way, but the colour is something different so we'll give the young model a pass.


Sarah Jessica Parker is a lovely human being, but her hat is a NO. Sarah saw China on the invite and was like ?I can sooooo do this.? NO.

Tabitha Simmons, learn from the mistakes of your elders.

Lady Gaga always gets a free pass. Once you've worn a meat dress, you've won the Game of Life.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is perfect.


As is Dakota Johnson. This girl is so good at red carpets.

Stella McCartney and Cara Delevingne played it safe but looked well. Isn't there a bit of a good sweet twin/evil sexy twin vibe going on here?

Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott were all like ?We're attempting to steal the limelight.? Meanwhile Katy's makeup and hair are on point.


Has Anne Hathaway heard of Dune? We love this historical science fiction ensemble.

Here's The Devil Wears Prada star with her husband, Adam Shulman.

It's yer wan from Netflix.

Alison Williams looks like she went shopping for a debs dress in a highly recommended midlands boutique in 2003.


See also: Olivia Wilde.

Yesterday Nigella Lawson posted a photo of an avocado on a pink plate on her Twitter with the hashtag #pinkandgreen. We were sold on that because avocados, but Kerry Washington's dramatic dress and satin olive shoes aren't doing it for us.

I don't trust Mark Ronson.


Sorry, but Karen Elson even RSVPing to a party means she wins.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen do a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

We've said it before, and We'll say it again, Rihanna would have been the queen of the ancient world.

Jenna Lyons wore really cool pyjamas.


Anna Wintour, hostest with the mostest, posing with her daughter, Bee Schaffer. One time Bee shared on Instagram that her mother took down the Christmas decorations before Christmas Day.

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