The Best And Worst Dresses Of Cannes Week 2

If we're completely honest, a small part of us still resents Andie MacDowell for her part in ruining the end of Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hugh Grant should have ended up with Kristin Scott Thomas, and that debate is closed as far we concerned. We do love Andie in this coral dress though.

Cate Blanchett's kimono slays.

Alicia Vikander is wearing something that no one thought was a good idea since 2005. This is Mother of Dragons does Winter couture.

Who's Cara Delevingne's date?

Natalie Portman's relaxed Riviera chic works.

Why is Paris Hilton in Cannes? We've been asking ourselves that question a lot lately, and Google says that the heiress is attempting a music career again and is drumming up publicity for her single High Off My Love in between parties and Uber helicopters. Some people lead drastically different lives from the rest of us.

Rooney Mara is working Grecian Goddess meets Gothic Princess, and she's working it well.

I like to think that Marguerite And Julien actors Jeremie Elkaim and Anais Demoustier, and director Valerie Donzelli, had a really good WhatsApp group going in the run up to their red carpet stroll. ?Are you all wearing monochrome like we said?? ?I'm a man. Oui.?

The fact that someone told one of Bollywood's most successful actresses Aishwarya Rai to pose on a boat is what Cannes is all about.

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Is Karlie Kloss ever not ready for a photographer?

French actress Melanie Laurent is wearing one of the few metallic gowns of the festival that don't suggest romanticised high-class escort. Also, we love the tousled hair and the glitzy earrings.

Isabelle Huppert in a navy suit and beige sandals is the image we channel when we think ?Maybe I'll be a CEO when I grow up??

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