The 12 items you need to complete your ultimate capsule wardrobe

"Fashion passes; style remains". Coco Chanel was not a woman to be argued with when it came to style. She knew the power of curating a timeless wardrobe, and now, dear readers, the time has come for us to do the same.

Personal style is a very, err, personal thing and no two people's wardrobes will contain the exact same items. But some key pieces live on forever, in a variety of styles, and you'll be able to wear them when you're 16 or 60 (granted, you might need to get a different size). With all the disposable fashion around these days, it's a powerful thing to focus on what lasts, rather than what will look good for the next couple of weeks. Bypass your Saved Items full of straw bags and tiny sunglasses and take a look at this perfect list of capsule pieces to invest in.


The Black Blazer



Wear it to work, wear it out at night, wear it over a dress, wear it...



The Blue Jeans



Lana Del Rey and David Bowie knew what they were singing about.





As chic for cocktails as it is for a morning meeting.

The Breton Top



Make every day a Paris day.


The Black Ankle Boot


No matter what the year, these will be back on your feet every time winter rears its head.


The Leather Jacket


Be good to it and it'll be good to you.


The Cashmere Knit


The grown-up version of a slouchy-jumper-and-jeans outfit.


The Crisp White Shirt



Because your boyfriend might get sick of you constantly robbing his.


The Comfortable Flat



In this year's 'It' colour, just to keep it trendy.


The Holdall Handbag

Beige suede hoop detail shopper bag, €80 from River Island


Who can fit what they need into a micro-bag?


The Versatile Skirt



With a blazer for work or a t-shirt for weekend.


And Finally... Something Glitzy

Because everyone needs a showstopper.

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