This is how IMAGE staff add a pop of colour to their outfits

Here at IMAGE HQ, we think colour is important.

A colourful outfit can brighten the dullest of days. However, in these cold and windy months, it's much easier to pick up reliable muted tones and staple black pieces rather than choose the vibrant red dress you might have hanging in your wardrobe. And colour can be scary. It's difficult to dissuade a person to drastically move from soft to vivid tones.

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Every day in the IMAGE office, we see pops of colour. Each and everyone puts their own personal touch on their outfits with different hues breaking through.

For example, our Social Media Manager Sophie Teyssier isn't too keen on bright colours during the colder months but is an expert in adding flairs of colour to her outfits, as is our fashion director Marie Kelly. And our Deputy Digital Editor Erin Lindsay is a colour chameleon.


It's individual and specific to them and that is what is important.

The IMAGE staffers are without a doubt a stylish bunch.

So we decided to ask them how they incorporate colour into their outfits during winter months and show you exactly how they do it.

Erin Lindsay, Digital Deputy Editor

"I don't think my outfits ever really stray from colour at any point in the year. The majority of my wardrobe is full of bright colours, which I tend to throw together with reckless abandon rather than rely on the old "one pop of colour" rule. This blue fur coat from H&M has been serving me well since last winter, and even though I've paired it with blue jeans, white patent boots, and a cool-toned blouse, it still feels like a neutral outfit to me"


Ellen Bird, Fashion Assistant

"Usually, I'm an all-neutrals kind of girl. But because I've been frozen solid recently in minus cold temperatures, I can't stop thinking about colour. Since I'm blonde-ish (ignore my untouched roots), I wouldn't really opt for yellow, but when I spotted this bright mustard-coloured blazer in Zara (I bought the matching flared pants too) I couldn't resist. The splash of colour was the mood-boost I needed while we wait for warmer days."

Ellen Downes, Transition Year Student


"Colour to me always makes an outfit feel complete. Even when you just throw on whatever is lying around your bedroom, once you add colour it’s almost as if you spent forever trying to find that perfect outfit. This red jacket from Missguided that I’m wearing always makes me feel confident and like I’m dressing to impress."

Hannah Hillyer, Office Manager

"As someone who has worked in retail for a long time, I have a lot of black in my wardrobe, so wearing colour can be a bit of a challenge! Having basics like this polo neck from Weekday is great as you can layer them underneath shift dresses or tuck them into basic skirts and trousers. If you're apprehensive about wearing a bright shade, try and go for one piece that pops with neutrals you already have in your wardrobe."

Sophie Teyssier, Social Media Manager


"My sense of style is truly dependent on the season. In the summer my wardrobe changes to loud, bright colour and print. I tend to shy away from colour in the winter because I don't feel confident in more striking pieces when it's dull and raining outside. However, I like to pick up hints of colour here and there. Pairing these Topshop jeans with a black and red floral top from Rouje plus a red lip is about as far as I can go with colour during the winter months!"

Samantha Tabaldo, Sales Executive

"When I was 15, I read an article on the power of the colour red and it has stayed with me ever since. I've worn red to job interviews, my debs and even on first dates! It is my go-to colour when I want to add brightness to any outfit. From a red lip to red nails, it gives me that extra confidence I need."

Caoimhe, Transition Year Student


"Now that spring is nearly here, I love wearing bright colours. Today I decided to wear this jumper to add a pop of colour and to also stay warm in the still very cool February weather."

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