#TBT: 1995 Christmas Day Outfits

Here at Image HQ, we love taking time out to sit down with a herbal tea and have a flick through our old issues, and there truly is nothing better than fashion nostalgia -- except maybe Christmas nostalgia.

We love this spread of all the latest granny cardigans from 1995 that you can wear on Jesus? birthday. The model even looks a teeny tiny bit like Amy Huberman- we were way ahead of our time.

Don't you just hate it when you're caught trying to put on your make-up on a lopsided red chair on Christmas day, hair still in curlers? The lovely ?green zipped cardigan? is from Oasis. The lilac sleeveless top (oh, even better) is from Jenny Vander in Market Arcade on South Great George's Street (a location we can only assume is now George's Street Arcade). The white-striped ultra clunky shoes are from Red or Dead in DV8 in Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.


This sexy little red number is actually quite cute. The red angora cardigan is from Jigsaw. The black bustier and the red wool skirt is by Dolce and Gabanna. We are also loving the fishnet tights, which are from Jenny Vander. We're not sure the world is ready for how nineties this outfit is.

We're also not quite sure why the model looks so forlorn, although she's probably just generally lamenting the decade's fashion trends. We actually adore the cosy looking pink mohair sweater from Amaya Arzuaga. Can't say the same for the ?black and white check stretch pants? however, although they do look ideal for accommodating the happy post-Christmas-dinner belly.

This one is definitely our favourite. The French Connection red cardigan/top combination seems to be genuinely comprised from Christmas socks of years gone by. We can only assume the skirt (also French Connection) is for drawing out various graphs at the dinner table when things get a bit dull.

This ?green sparkle cardigan? from French Connection is very fetching altogether, and the killer cardigan plus sweater combination that seemed to be rife in Autumn/Winter €95 must have been toasty, if literally nothing else. The black stretch jeans (you're also on the right Christmas dinner-proofed track, Next) also definitely distract from the overly reflective snakeskin boots.


Ah 1995, the year of the granny cardigan. Let's just hope that they don't make a vicious comeback this season.

Hannah Popham @HannahPopham

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