#TBT: 1970s Farmyard Fashion

As we battled against the frozen Dublin winds into the office this morning, we can assure you that setting up a fashion shoot in an undisclosed field in Wicklow was the very last thing on our minds. But it seems that in June 1976 that was exactly what was on the minds of our past IMAGE editorial team.

There's something in these photos that reminds us just a little bit too much of?Awkward Family Photos. It could well be the poor horse lurking oblivious in the background.

We're not sure we'd actually like our significant other to look like a drug dealer from Coronation Street though...


Are they deer or goats? They have stolen all of our attention.

We're almost positive the wallpaper in our granny's house used to have that exact pattern.

Wonder what we were all listening to as a number one back then for literally four week's straight? This could also explain a lot.

Hannah Popham @HannahPopham


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