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Tatty Devine are one of the leading lights of the online shopping space in the UK, famous for their cult Perspex products. Founders Harriet Vine (any Dorothy L. Sayers fans out there?) and Rosie Wolfenden met in the Chelsea Art School and set up shop in the East End all the way back in 1999. The duo set out “to make jewellery that blurs the boundaries between art, fashion and culture” and have continued in that vein, churning out high-quality whimsy season on season. If you’ve ever lusted after dangling a giant glitter lobster from your neck these are your people. Tatty Devine opened their Brick Lane boutique in 2001, one of the first on the street even – we told you these gals were on the laser-cutting edge – and have a concession in London’s Selfridges. They set up a pop-up shop in BT2’s on Grafton Street this Christmas just gone and are always at home over on tattydevine.com 

If you buy one thing from Tatty Devine have a look at their almost-cultish personlised Perspex name necklaces. These are legendary and have been often imitated but never bettered quality wise. Not just limited to Christian names, you can get any word cut – naughty or nice – to your specifications. One woman I know has a bright yellow “Yeow” for cheering up her outfits. Image HQ is also a hive of Tatty fans. Image Publications Editor-in-Chief Melanie Morris and our Networking Breakfast supremo Maeve are frequently embellished. And Managing Director Laura George wears her Day of the Dead one to death. While the damage isn’t as cheap as we’d like the products are undeniably well-made. Vine and Wolfenden have sworn to keep production in the UK and both impressively scored MBEs for their services to the fashion industry last year. This year's SS14 collection is inspired by space and the great beyond and peppered with retro designs. 

So go on and bookmark Tatty Devine for when you’re feeling flush and in the mood for some pretty kook.


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