I swore I would never wear bucket hats, but fisherman's hats have my head turned

The seemingly never-ending trend of bucket hats have taken a turn towards the chic — and I'm here to give them a try

The thought of a bucket hat, and how inexplicably popular they have become in recent years, fills me with anguish. I am all for fashion as a method of self-expression — I have no time for the naysayers who argue that someone of a certain body type/ gender/ ability is unable to wear a particular item or trend even if they want to. Wear what you want, and feel fabulous etc.

But the one piece of clothing that is the exception to this mantra is the humble bucket hat. I have never, ever found an occasion where a bucket hat is a positive addition to an outfit, and I defy anyone else to do so. They are the attire of day-3-festival goers and middle-aged bird watchers — neither are a category that my fashion sense falls into. Every look from serious office wear to a glamourous night out had a f*cking bucket hat perched on top of it, rendering the whole outfit ridiculous. I could not find a single solitary outfit that a bucket hat benefitted, and swore off the accessory for good. There are plenty of other hat options out there, and I'm much more into berets anyway.

And yet. While perusing the New In sections of the internet this week, I came across many a grown-up version of the humble bucket hat — this time with a flashy new name, the fisherman's hat — and found myself....liking them? The new version had a few slight changes, which in my mind would have had no bearing on my decision to hate bucket hats for all eternity, but in reality, made a decidedly big difference. Who would have thought that an elongated brim, a few choice prints and a tie-neck to finish it off would have my head turned so easily? Certainly not me, but I'm a convert.


You'll probably catch me in a fisherman's hat before the summer hits. Until then, here are the options I'm considering on my wishlist.

IMAGE loves....

Rejina Pyo Daisy check hat, €325 available from Farfetch


ASOS DESIGN fisherman hat with under tie in ditsy floral, €19.36 from ASOS



bucket hats

Bucket oversize hat, €15.99 from Mango


Dodo Bar Or Daria floral-print cotton bucket hat, €75 available from Net-a-Porter



ASOS DESIGN fisherman hat with under tie in multi check, €19.36 from ASOS


Printed cotton hat, €19.99 from Mango



Faithfull the Brand Floral-print cotton-corduroy sunhat, €92.29 available from Net-a-Porter


ASOS DESIGN mixed gingham fisherman hat in multi, €19.36 from ASOS


Cotton flowers hat, €15.99 from Mango


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