Swedish Model Points Out How Absurd The Fashion Industry Really Is

Following the revelations by Cara Delevingne?last week on how miserable being a model made her, it is looking more like any suggestions of progress toward?a healthy body image in the fashion industry have merely been'token offerings.

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Swedish model?Agnes Hedeng?rd published a video on Tuesday, explaining that her tiny frame is considered "too big" by current industry standards. The former Sweden's Next Top Model runner-up, who can only be described as itty bitty, has struggled so much to get any bookings that she?is considering giving up on it entirely.

In her video, Agnes stands in front of a mirror to point out the the ridiculousness of creating such standards and danger it is to women - both models attempting to stay thin, and those looking at these?tiny frames with envy.

Agnes herself admits that she has a Body Mass Index of 17.5, which is considered underweight by a large'margin, yet agencies are constantly telling her that her butt and hips are too wide. A few month's ago Agnes began expressing her concerns with modelling with an honest instagram post:


How can any woman expect to have a normal, healthy relationship with their bodies when images of completely unattainable figures are screaming at them?from every advertisement and runway? Thankfully, Anges emphasises that it is the industry who are at fault.?She hopes her video teaches women to "love yourself, and don't let anyone tell you any different".

It seems that despite of all the changes that have been occurring within the industry as of late, including the AerieREAL campaign with Emma Roberts that promises absolutely zero photoshopping and?Madeline Stuart preparing to be just the second model with Down Syndrome to strut down the catwalk at Fashion Week, there is still a long way to go in terms of establishing a more attainable?body ideal.


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