Sunny Days...

Are you feeling good? I am. What a difference the sun makes... people are are practically skipping around with glee. Well, not actually skipping - walking a little lighter perhaps, but we're happy! Today, our office is a collective of sun-kissed noses, freshly-pedi'd toes and lustered limbs. We even took part in some icecream market research at our morning meeting (seriously!) and we had a mini-picnic at lunchtime. Make no mistake; the IMAGE gals (and guys) embrace the rays when they show through.

All the bright light leaves me looking for some sweet sparkles to flaunt and I'm smitten by these Susan Suell Aqua Jade and Quartz earrings in Loulerie. In fact, I'm smitten by most things in Loulerie, owner Louise Stokes' edit is chic, current and sophisticated. The antithesis of the Bling Brigade. We love these You owe it to yourself to check it out when around Dublin's Chatham St next.

In the meantime though, enjoy the sunny, sparkly days...


Ellie x

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