11 summer outfits I want to recreate from Instagram

All this technology at our disposal, yet the outfits we screenshot still don't miraculously appear in our wardrobes? These are the summer outfits we're always saving on Instagram.

Instagram is, of course, brimming with fashion inspiration and images of the world's most stylish women and their seemingly never-ending repertoire of high-end, aspirational garments.  While scrolling endlessly can tend to leave us feeling a bit lacklustre about our own closet choices, remember that there's nearly always a way to replicate your most-hearted looks using what's already in your own collection.

If a day comes (and oh, do they come often) when I'm feeling overwhelmed or uninspired by the mass of stuff on the rails, a mere glimpse at my saved tab on Instagram can trigger a bout of creativity. It could be as simple as a colour combination or a novel way to wear an accessory, and suddenly, there's a new lease of life amidst what's hanging in front of me.

Until we get to the stage where Cher Horowitz' incredibly advanced outfit-planning software is indeed a reality, this process will have to do.


Here's what I'm turning to for Outfit Building 101 as of late:

Kimono + Boyfriend Jeans + Perspex Wedges

Ruffled Sundress + Fringed Basket Bag


A Full (PINK!) Gingham Suit


Camel Blazer + Floral Midi + Layered Gold Jewellery

Vintage Scarf as Hair Accessory


White Top + Light Denim + Fuchsia Shoes Combo


Oversize Straw Bags with Everything

Disco Dresses + Quirky Shoes 


Cuffed Jeans + Tourist Sandals 

Porcelain China Printed Co-Ords


Animal Print + Camouflage  


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