How this stylish Irish PR pro gets dressed for work and fun

For Victoria Lennon, her mum's life-long obsession with fashion has definitely rubbed off. The 29-year-old Dublin native lives in London, where she works for one of the city's top beauty PR firms. With a busy day job that involves working on projects for brands such as Simple, Vaseline, Toni&Guy and Dove, she still manages to pull it out of the bag with her outfits.

Here, she tells us about her trusty basics, her mum's enviable Vogue collection and the designer bag still worth its price tag over a decade later.

What makes you excited about getting dressed in the morning:


The weather, I know it sounds strange, but living in a city where we have snow in summer and sun in February, I get excited about how I can change up my look (without changing my whole wardrobe) come rain or shine.
What’s you failsafe, go-to look for a day when you’re lacking inspiration:

Denim Levi's, a baggy t-shirt, Gucci loafers and a blazer.

Last piece you bought:

A beige 'parachute' style dress from ASOS that I wore to day two of a wedding in France which I LOVED; it was so airy and comfy which always helps post a week of rosé and French bread!

What's a typical 'off duty' look for you?


Lululemon leggings, Adidas Primeknit trainers, a black Bianca Chandon hoodie, Ray-Ban Wayfarers and a low pony — the comfiest outfit that exists.

First piece you saved all your pocket money for?

A Dior saddle bag when I was about 16, which I still have to this day and it has made a serious comeback (winning!)

Where do you usually shop?

I’m a big high street girl, but I have a few high-end pieces which add luxe to a look. My go-tos are Zara, Topshop, H&M, &Other Stories and COS.

If you have something big coming up, where do you look for a killer outfit?

Revolve has really upped their game recently and I have loved outfit planning on the tube.


What do you do with your fashion purchases when you no longer need them? 

My mum is the queen for knowing trends and what can be recycled, so I do try and keep as much as I can. The rest goes to charity. Sometimes I bring a bag to H&M or &Other Stories who have really good clothes recycling options.

Last outfit you’d wear on earth? 

A full suit and a silk cami with cowboy boots.


Best ever bargain purchase?

I am not sure if it’s a bargain purchase, more of a hand-me-down, but my mum gave me a Louise Kennedy linen blue waistcoat which was hers in the '80s. I now wear it with nothing underneath in the summer, and over a long-sleeved top in winter.

Favourite fashion memory?

My mum (below) kept every Vogue magazine from the '70s and '80s and I remember I was obsessed with her and them; she was so clued into everything that was going on in the fashion world. She would design and make me cute dresses and copycat designer knitwear full of bobbles. As a kid, I remember thinking it was so cool.


Designer you’d wear all the time if you won the Lotto?

Saint Laurent.

Where do you seek style inspiration?

Instagram. Although it's a social media site, I use it more for inspiration and have a whole deck of inspiration in my saved items.

Trend you’d never be caught dead in?

Socks and sandals.

Trend you’d wear ‘til the cows come home?


Black leather jackets. I honestly used to buy one annually from Zara as I just loved them, but I recently invested in a Sandro one, and I can already tell it’ll be with me for a long time.

One thing that’s been on your wishlist forever?

Cartier gold tank Francaise.


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