Style Crush: Rosamund Pike

Everyone we know is bristling with excitement at the thought of finally seeing the Gone Girl movie. From one of the most chilling must-reads in recent years to a David Fincher directed feature with a Trent Reznor score, Gone Girl is ticking all the boxes to become this year's guaranteed hit. Also, it doesn't hurt that every critic has been lashing out the four-to-five star stamp of approval. You'd almost forget the minor furore the cast announcement caused last summer when it was revealed Ben Affleck was to play the male lead and that under the radar English actress Rosamund Pike was to tackle the enigmatic character of Amy Dunne. The paparazzi's favourite guy to diss and an unknown for the most sought after roles of the decade? (Apologies Jamie Dornan and Dakota Fanning) It screamed major risk for the studio but the results look smashing. And we're pretty chuffed that Rosamund is finally getting the limelight she deserves. Doesn't she look like the perfect All American Girl in all the movie stills and trailers so far? We look at the reasons to make Rosamund Pike Your New Favourite Person.

She handles her personal life like a lady
You might think your romantic life is chequered, Rosamund rolls her eyes at your complaints. This girl's twenties were a rollercoaster of difficult chapters. Her serious boyfriend during her days at?Oxford University, Simon Woods went on to actually be gay and marry Burberry's CEO and visionary designer Christopher Bailey. Woods went on to play Mr. Bingley to her Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and no reports have ever emerged of Rosamund batting an eyelid. The Daily Mail cold called her about the whole issue and she responded with "If you wouldn't mind terribly, I'd rather not talk about it, but thank you for calling."

She then went on to fall for the director of said Austen adaptation, Joe Wright, and for a while they were the London creative scene's most beautiful couple. However, their engagement came to a sudden end weeks before the wedding, allegedly Wright cancelled the nuptials after Rosamund sent out the Save the Date cards.

Rosamund is now happily living in London with Robie Uniacke, the father of her daughter Solo and a long established art world scenester. There is a seventeen year age gap between the two and they are expecting their second child in November. Uniacke is a former drug addict with children from past partnerships. They seem fabulously content with their situation and in 2012 Pike told Vogue "It is interesting to break all the rules. I'm not married, I have a baby, and it feels infinitely more right".


Her sense of style is timeles
L.K. Bennett sussed this out before everyone else when they approached the 35-year old to design?a capsule collection of handbags for the brand. She's also been managing her seven months pregnancy style with impeccable aplomb.

Last week at the New York premiere for Gone Girl she worked an undercut and now we're wondering should we too?

When it comes to monochrome she's beyond adept, especially when dressing that baby bump. Her recent red carpet and publicity moments have been a masterclass in understated cool.

And her complexion is a dream for pastel shades. This Marni coat and those stems equals all over our Pinterest.


Her career is proof that hard work pays off eventually
Aged 21 Pike landed the role of a lifetime when she was cast as Miranda Frost in the 2002 Bond movie Die Another Day. A rake of red carpet gowns and whispers of the Next Big Thing abounded but things fizzled out, especially considering the movie was universally panned leading to a reboot of the franchise. In an interview with Variety this week she spoke about how this supposed big break was actually a bit of a career freezer, ?It cemented a sort of patrician, frigid, English, standoffish cold image?.

After Miranda Frost she became a perennial supporting star, shining in roles alongside Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice and Carrie Mulligan in An Education - she was the vacant but lovely socialite Helen.

Then she was cast opposite Tom Cruise in 2012's?Jack Reacher, a pretty forgettable action movie with a lot of Second Amendment firearm brandishing but it brought her to the notice of Hollywood. It's going to be a long time before anyone let's this Gone Girl out of their sight.

How excited are you for Gone Girl?


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Gone Girl is on general release this Friday.

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