The 5 biggest street style trends from Haute Couture week

It's Haute Couture week but it's not just about the catwalk. Here are the five biggest street style trends from the fashion extravaganza

Haute Couture is my most favourite of fashion weeks.

It's the artistry, the madness and the magic. It's the fact that I will never be able to afford anything from the catwalk (not even a button) but I do get to look at it from afar.

The deepest fantasies of designers come out to play during Haute Couture. They weave stories in the movement of a dress or the fall of a sleeve and I devour every inch of it.


However, another story is also told on the streets. The street style kids make themselves known and show us trends which will at some point be worn on our bodies. Like psychics, they seem to know what we will like before we do.

From faux-fur to full skirts, here are the five biggest street style trends seen at Haute Couture week.

All of which I know I will be wearing within the next 12 months.

Texture galore



Yes, I know it's freezing but I have never seen so much faux-fur (hopefully) coats on the street style circuit. Inside all of us, there lays a dream that one day we will become a glam aunt. The best way to actualise this dream is to buy a colossal faux-fur coat. If you fear it might look too much, look out for versions with texture on the lapels and sleeves only. Still glam but sans the Pat Butcher vibes.

Side note: EastEnder's Pat Butcher is a style icon.

The bag has it


For many of us, our bag is just a gateway into the sporadic madness that is our daily thought process. Anything could be found within its depths. However, for the fash pack, the bag is just as important as the coat and shoes. In the noughties, the 'it' bag was the ultimate symbol of fashion know-how. Its power wavered during the years following but now it's back and the bag is so much more than a placeholder. From the Dior Saddle to the Bottega pouch, the streets showed that if you get the bag right, the rest will follow.

Suit up

God bless French designer Marcel Rochas for deciding to pair pants with women's suits back in 1932. Without that decision, we wouldn't have the wonderful power play that is a pants suit. A good suit is both sexy and refined and that's not an easy mix to master. The SS20 ready-to-wear collections were screaming about the two-piece and now the street style circuit is shouting it too. This is one trend we can most definitely get on board with.

Keep it neutral



It's far from colour us Irish were reared, so you will be happy to know that neutrals are big news. A good neutral is like a good sturdy Toyota Avensis – it will last for years. The street style stars (including Anna Wintour) were wearing full tonal looks of beige and cream.

Irish eyes are smiling.

Ladylike chic


I know tailoring is great and combat trousers are the way forward but there is something about a beautiful full skirt that gives me goosebumps. In between the trend-led looks were beautiful nods to another era. Elegant, classic and almost otherworldly, the soft feminine shapes provided a wonderful reprieve from the harsh lines of the modern look.

And some of the looks even have pockets, so could it get any better?

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