Stella McCartney launches the first-ever vegan leather Adidas sneakers

Life-long ethical fashion designer, Stella McCartney, has launched the first-ever sustainably designed Stan Smith sneakers and a pair is sold every single minute. Respecting a strict ethical ethos, McCartney has devoted her company to a no leather, no fur, no skin, no feather policy. And no ingredient will ever be tested on animals. Probably the most environmentally conscious high-fashion designer, Stella McCartney is the first to collaborate with Adidas on a completely vegan leather shoe.

Women are no longer only concerned with what they're putting into their bodies, but also what they're putting on their bodies. In an era of anti-fur and anti-leather activism, the fashion industry as a whole is finally beginning to listen. AW18 saw an influx of faux fabrics on the catwalks and London Fashion Week recently announcing itself as entirely fur-free. Slowly but surely as we begin to bypass fast fashion, sustainability has become less of a strange, far-out concept.

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are an incredibly popular shoe. They're both stylish and practical. Bar some minor details, McCartney's Stan Smiths reflect the original shoe, while incorporating her own brand identity. She has replaced the three well-known stripes along the side with tiny stars. The back heel is coloured with both blue and burgundy stripes, and the Stella McCartney logo circles the Adidas symbol. A print of Stella’s portrait is sketched on the right tongue, while Stan Smith remains on the left.

If you’re gonna do vegan, do it right. This collaboration is available as of today in Stella McCartney stores or to pre-order on


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