Spring Florals That Don't Look Twee

If cute florals freak you out, try these more robust blooms for spring.

What a cool outfit. A black pared-back sweatshirt sets the tone for this no-nonsense and contemporary take on florals. I love the bold print of the skirt, and strong utilitarian vibe created with a crossbody bag and chunky sandals.

This is a really clever way of styling what is a very pretty floral-print dress. Worn over what looks to be a leather fringed skirt, the dress becomes less pastoral?and more urban. Plus, wearing it off the shoulder adds a smouldering touch?that dilutes down any girlishness.


A floral trench coat subverts all our traditional associations. A mac is supposedly functional and hardwearing, a protector against the elements. But below it looks more like a work of art.

Structured, masculine shoulders give florals a kick-ass appeal, as do the tough-looking lace-up boots. Structured silhouettes tend to inject florals with a more modern vibe.

A big sunflower print is tricky to pull off, but choosing one that's anchored by a sombre black background gives it a more grown-up feel. The red loafers also add a sophisticated touch.

Well-tailored culottes instantly elevate a floral print from fussy to professional. I also love how this street style star has her over-long sleeves pulled down around her knuckles - it smacks of teenage subversiveness and injects the look with a bit more attitude.







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