Social Pics: The premiere of Mary Queen of Scots' at the Stella Theatre

The premiere of Mary Queen of Scots' took place in the new Stella Theatre in the Devlin Hotel in Ranelagh, Dublin 6, this week where guests were treated to a prosecco and canapé reception, followed by a screening of the film.

Saoirse Ronan portrayed as a young, heroic, gusto-fuelled Queen Mary of Scotland is a captivating sight. And Margot Robbie as her cousin, Queen Elizabeth The First is equally beguiling. This is in part because of award-winning costume designer Alexandra Byrne's painstakingly accurate costume designs and Jenny Shircore's literal hair-raising hair and makeup, and in part because of the captivating performance between the two (despite only meeting face-to-face just once).

Widowed at just 16, Queen Mary (Saorise) returns from France to rule Scotland, only the land is already ruled by first cousin Queen Elizabeth. By blood, Queen Mary is next in line to the British and Scottish crowns, but insecure Queen Elizabeth (Margot) won't concede to this younger attractive, fertile women. What follows is an old-fashioned, majestic rivalry that is haunting and enchanting. The narrative is sexy, raw and at times a bit lax, but alluring. Both Ronan and Robbie execute their roles with precision.


The film, which is already subject to critical acclaim and Oscar buzz with four stars from The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times and Empire, is out in cinemas from January 18, but you can see the official trailer below.

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