Smart Trousers That Are Feminine Too

I talk a lot about the boyish properties of smart trousers and how much I like to embrace a slightly androgynous?look by incorporating'masculine details such as pockets and lapels into my outfits. But many women (me included, occasionally) want to look unashamedly feminine, regardless of whether they're going to the office or an after-work party.

So I've pulled together a short list of trousers that?look incredibly smart,?but?feminine too, because as we know, these properties are not mutually exclusive. Femininity?can appear strong just as much as it can soft.

I think these silk trousers from are exquisite. Apart from the beautifully feminine botanical print, these pants are high-waisted, which helps to create a very womanly silhouette. When you're standing still they'll look like a traditional maxi skirt, but the fact that they're actually a super-wide trouser makes the look feel so much more modern.

Oriental print silk trousers, €129 at

An alternative cut is one way to redefine a conventional pair of trousers and an unexpected colourway is another. These fuchsia pink trousers, again from, look anything but boyish. The bell-bottom silhouette adds an additional feminine flourish to the piece.

Fuchsia bell-bottom trousers, €99 at

Sometimes black is the only answer, and these gorgeous slit-front pants are a great option if you want to look somewhat reserved without appearing generic.

Tailored slit trousers, €79 at & Other Stories

Perhaps these Massimo Dutti trousers aren't unapologetically feminine, but they are incredibly elegant. Fabrics such as satin and silk elevate basics and because they are materials?traditionally associated with women, they add a feminine touch to every piece. I know I would feel fabulous wearing these.


Satin print palazzo pants, €79.95 at Massimo Dutti

Shades of vanilla and cream always feel fresh and feminine. The shorter leg length of these trousers adds a girlish touch by revealing a hint of ankle, plus the flared cut is almost skirt-like so appears more feminine than a tailored or skinny crop.

Ivory cropped trousers, €170 at

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