Sleeveless coats

If Amal Clooney is all over a fashion trend, we're on board. Mrs Clooney's secret to impeccable style is simple - keep pieces unfussy and make sure that what you wear works hard for you. We love the way she effortlessly combines practicality with flair. Even her clothes are smart.

Cue the piece to love right now, the sleeveless coat. It's summer, it's sweaty and close but, lord knows in this country, it's probably about to bucket down nonetheless and a girl might catch a chill. Which is why this piece is so perfect. Throw it on over a white t-shirt; wear it over a skinny grey knit; pair with a tank top and jeans for a night out and you're set to go. Amal's piece is by Tome, but we've selected some seriously gorgeous High Street sloats?(sleeveless coats - get it?) for you too. Go forth and bare those arms.

Tome at Avenue 32

Black plaid sleeveless trench, Tome, €1,275 at Avenue 32

New Look sleeveless coat


Khaki Sleeveless Blazer, €29.99 at New Look

OPSH sleeveless coat

Khaki and stone sleeveless belted coat, €112.35 at Opsh

Zara sleeveless coat

Long tailored waistcoat, €39.99 at Zara

Topshop sleeveless coat

Sleeveless checked jersey coat, €35 at Topshop


r Island sleeveless coat

Beige structured sleeveless trench jacket, €100 at River Island?

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