Six funny fashion Instagram accounts to follow

These creative and playful accounts will satisfy both your satirical and sartorial needs. These are the best parody fashion Instagram accounts to follow now.


A combination of contemporary designers and the Old Masters - Raphael's Pope Julius II wears Gucci, Petrus Christus' Portrait of a Young Girl wears eye makeup from the AW17 Prabal Gurung show at New York fashion week and Raphael's Portrait of the Young Pietro Bembo wears a Yeezy I Feel Like Pablo crewneck.


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Sidney Prawatyotin of @Siduations reinterprets designer logos and adds a funny perspective to the runway, street style, and award ceremonies.

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Kalen Hollomon plays with fashion, gender and taboo subjects by mixing unorthodox combinations of celebrity and everyday moments.

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This account mixes and matches iconic brand logos, disrupts images had has worked on campaigns with Gucci and with Nike on the VaporMax.

Arriving home after a long day triggering article 50 #freddiemade

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You would probably recognise some pictures from this account since Rihanna reposted a series of pictures to celebrate the Queen's 91st birthday. This Instagram account Photoshops celebrities in new looks - Kendall in Pepsi boots, Frida Kahlo in a Supreme tee or above, Theresa May in a Juicy Couture tracksuit.


Illustrator and designer Benjamin Siedler's genius high fashion film makeovers take your most beloved tv and movie heroines and dress them in haute couture.

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