Say Salut To Sézane, The French Brand That’s Rocking Our Retail World!

Parisian fashion brand Sézane is changing the game in traditional e-tailing, and shoppers are going mad for it. By offering a limited, hand-picked selection of its vintage-inspired collection on a monthly “drop” basis, Sézane has generated huge hype within the international fashion community.

Haven’t heard about the infamous “rendez-vous” drops? Then listen up, because Sézane’s feminine, high-quality garments are continuously in demand and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Sydney Coat with cosy hood and chunky waist belt, €290

Sézane was created by entrepreneur Morgane Sézalory, and originated as an ebay account which developed into the fashion website we’re fawning over today. A clever businesswoman, Morgane hand-picks her favourite pieces out of every seasonal collection and sells them in a limited number each month. According to Sézalory, these rendez-vous items are “the pieces you don’t want to see on everyone”, hence why everyone wants them.


Sézane founder Morgane Sézalory (image from Elle France)

Loyal subscribers literally wait with bated breath for the monthly newsletters which divulge when exactly the next “rendez-vous” takes place. From there, alarms are set and fingers are crossed. But it’s not all happening online either. Sézane has gone brick-and-mortar with multiple stores in Paris, and only recently opened another in Nolita, New York’s trendiest suburb. Just like the virtual line-up, you’ll regularly find queues of girls outside these stores on drop days, all hoping to nab something that no one else in their office will have.

Tatiana Dress with cinched waist and delicate embroidery, €145

This brand is shaking things up in the retail world, and frankly, we can’t wait to see what other fashion bombs they drop our way.

These gorgeous, soft leather, lace-up High Alicia Boots, also come in other colours  €190



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