Seven September wedding guest dresses for your upcoming soirée

Wedding season seems to be a never-ending endeavour, but September really seems to eat the cake - all of it. Simply put, it’s a popular month for lOvE. While summer weddings make the perfect occasion to prance around in a floral mini and peep-toe stilettos, dressing for an autumn wedding is probably most difficult. We’re wasting our data refreshing Ireland’s unpredictable weather forecast, and we’re debating whether we need sleeves, no sleeves, heavy fabrics or a frilly pleated skirt. Whatever it is, weddings are code for another cocktail soirée; and honestly, who would deny an invitation to dress up all fancy and drink overpriced margaritas?

Apart from wearing white and upstaging the bride, there are no strict rules to adhere by for wedding guest attire, but rather some gentle guidelines (parties don't have rules) to follow. And autumnal weddings are particularly more tricky for obvious weather reasons. How much leg is too much leg? Is it appropriate to wear black? What about a basic slip? Are pastels too cliché?  It’s all very stressful, and honestly, someone should really answer these questions for real. So I suggest do as you please, but do so in the name of fashion. Know your audience and be creative. Everyone will forget what you're wearing by the second glass of wine anyway.

The truth is, finding appropriate wedding attire during this lukewarm, transitional season is never easy. You want to be the best-dressed guest, but you want to be comfortable and chic all-day long. Upstaging the bride-to-be isn't on our radar, or maybe it is? (if it is, I promise I won't tell). Regardless, I am screaming about these gorgeous, budget-friendly, dresses ready to be worn for your upcoming September wedding bash. But as I'm without an invitation thus far, I’ll be gatecrashing one before the month is out. So whether your invite proposes bohemian Irish countryside or modern black tie, here is what to consider for your upcoming dapper occasion.

Petite cowl jacquard midi dress, €76 at Topshop


Long pleated dress in crepe and lace, €325 at

Maeve Dress, €189.20 at

Pleated dress with buttons, €149 at Massimo Dutti 

GRAYCE Iguazu ruffle neck skater dress, €205 at


Polka dot midi dress, €49.99 at

Draped camisole dress, €49.95 at Zara

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