Tell us about Scout?
Scout was born out of a need for more space to grow; both in a physical sense and also to grow in terms of independence and personal growth.?Myself and Margaret had done as much as we could together in the space we had in the Powerscourt centre. As we were a co-op, we both wanted to grow more and expand our ideas, so having finished our lease we made new plans It was scary to leave the warm surrounds of Bow, but I haven't looked back. Scout is what I have been dreaming for my solo project for some time now, I always knew I would get there but had to wait for the right time and of course the right space. Essex Street has given me that exterior space and freedom to become a true Indie! The space itself is a cosy and inviting interior filled with useful, everyday but beautiful items for your self and your home. Quality is always at the forefront of my mind and before introducing a new product I must want to be able to use the piece myself, be it in my house or in my wardrobe.?People also often comment on how I've managed to create a clothing concept that appeals to every age group and that the vintage pieces, often seen as a young persons game, are accessible to the older customer who wants to dip her toe into the vintage world.

So Bow is no more?
Yes, it's gone. In the same spot is Mags' lovely shop MoMuse.

What's your favourite thing in the shop?
My favourite things in the new shop at the moment are the Grenson SS14 collection and also the 31 Chapel Lane linen and tweed goods. My favourite thing about the shop is probably the huge windows and the amazing green tiled exterior!

Are you planning on bringing any new lines into the mix you have already?
Upon opening the shop I introduced Fog Linen apparel and accessories to the mix. They are a Tokyo based company that does the most beautifully simple and wearable pieces that any woman of any age can wear with confidence. The linens are exquisite and will just age beautifully over time to become treasured wardrobe staples.

So, now you're settled, is there anything else exciting on the cards?
Definitely more interiors pieces, I just need to figure out which direction I want to take on it as it's a huge area and project. Also I'd like to introduce menswear at some point too. I think the new space will really lend itself to lots of new opportunities and directions, but I've learnt over the years to take my time on these things.



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Photography by Ailbhe O'Donnell

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