Saoirse Ronan Wins New York Film Critics Award For Brooklyn, Wears Victoria Beckham

Earlier this week saw the?New York Film Critics' Circle Awards take place. We're in a pre-Oscar fever so expect a lot of these possibly prophetic shindigs. In cool news, Saoirse Ronan walked away with the Best Actress award for Brooklyn and Carol won the glut of the rest. Women stories on screen for the absolute win.

Saoirse wore a simple one-shouldered black Victoria Beckham dress. Her red carpet and awards campaign wardrobe has been characterized by sleek modern dresses, which looks like a smart sartorial decision to distance herself from the 1950s attire of Brooklyn. She's beyond versatile, is what this dress says.

We have a sneaking suspicion that the best conversation was to be found at the Chanel gal table where former co-stars Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart had The Chats. Not only did Moore and Stewart sit together, but the Still Alice Oscar-winner presented Stewart with an award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the bewitching and we'll admit confusing Clouds of Sils Maria.

Vulture reported on Moore's speech, which was dripping with supportive snippets such as ?Kristen brings an intensity and a truthfulness to absolutely everything in her life, her work, her friendships, and her relationship with the world. She has managed to become a global star while remaining very much herself, with her talent intact.?

That, dear readers, is #SquadGoals.


Here's a list of the major winners from the night:

Best Picture


Best Director

Todd Haynes - Carol

Best Screenplay



Best Actress

Saoirse Ronan - Brooklyn

Best Actor

Michael Keaton - Spotlight

Best Supporting Actress

Kristen Stewart - Clouds of Sils Maria

Best Supporting Actor


Mark Rylance - Bridge of Spies

Best Cinematographer

Edward Lachman - Carol

Best Animated Film

Inside Out

Best Non-Fiction Film (Documentary)

In Jackson Heights


Best Foreign Language Film


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