Sick of the sales? Here are 15 pieces we love in the new Zara collection

At some point, we all get tired of the sales – there is nothing new or intriguing left. However, Zara's latest drop is making us excited for what's to come...

The Zara sale seems to pounce on us without warning, doesn't it? You half expect it to; you know it will come; but when it does, it feels like an electric shock of fashion.

Every year is as hectic as the next. Whether you love a bargain or not, at some point, the whole 'endless queues' and buying-for-the-sake-of-buying act gets old. Coming into the final stages of discounts, sale rails are full of tank tops and halfway-type pieces. There is nothing spectacular, and all we end up doing is spending on items we will never wear.

As we begin to move into late summer, the 'new in' section of retail chains are getting meatier and more sartorially pleasing; and Zara is leading the way with gusto.


New level

There are dazzling sequinned dresses and satin jumpsuit dresses perfect for occasions; while directionally designed tops take the 'jeans and a nice top' jingle to a whole new level.

Dresses and skirts are midi-lengths, meaning they will take you all the way into autumn when it comes. The 'new in' section is full of practicality, with a touch of pizazz. Most importantly, these are pieces you will actually want to wear and in the end, will save you from spending your hard-earned money frivolously.

We love the multicoloured sequinned dress creation which will work for summer and winter occasions. Wear with a pair of trainers if you want to look 'extra' during the day. We also adore the strappy mid-heel sandal – chic and comfortable, which is all we want from a pair of shoes.

Go forth and enjoy.

Limited edition sequinned dress, €129 at Zara


Full sleeve top, €49.95 at Zara

Printed midi dress,€49.95 at Zara

Padded headband with rhinestones, €17.95 at Zara


Gathered shirt, €29.95 at Zara

Mid-heel sandals with multicoloured straps, €39.95 at Zara

Gathered sleeve dress, €39.95 at Zara

Jeans ZW premium marine straight jeans, €39.95 at Zara


Snakeskin print skirt, €49.94 at Zara

Leather tote bag, €79.95 at Zara

Floral print dress, €39.95 at Zara


Pleated mid-heel sandals, €29.95 at Zara

Satin jumpsuit, €49.95 at Zara

Gingham blazer, €49.95 and gingham trousers, €29.95 at Zara

Asymmetric pleated top, €39.95 at Zara


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