River Island's Latest is Very Boho Chic

Our favourite Instagram find of recent weeks is 70sbabes and it does exactly what it says on its hazily sexy filtered tin. Every day followers are treated to an icon from the era looking incredible.? Bianca Jagger, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton are just some of the familiar faces making us sigh, and we have to say the lack of lingerie looks pretty comfortable.

A photo posted by @70sbabes on Jan 5, 2015 at 12:34pm PST

If there's one trend that is looking inescapable this year, it's the rebellious decade. While boho and its ill advised cotton skirts dogged the mid-noughties and made everyone forget that Sienna Miller's primary job was actress, this summer the trend comes into its own and is more fearless female than wilting waif. Inherent Vice is hitting cinemas this month and its hippie noir vibe is a prelude to what your high street is going to look like this spring summer. Think American Hustle hits the Cot? d'Azur.

This morning we got our eyes and photo apps on River Island's upcoming SS15 collection and let's just say that if you're not into relaxed cool that suggests you've seen the real Ibiza, it's not for you. However, we think it's for everyone. Have a look at some of the standout looks below.



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