Real Women: Judith Crawford on being colour analysed and finding brands that are "ageless"

Once, fashion became less of a concern to women the older they grew. Not anymore. Every month, IMAGE Magazine chooses a selection of real, fabulous women who demonstrate how relevant, rewarding and fun clothes can be whatever your age. Judith Crawford – of Tales of Jude – rose to success in mostly male-dominated consultancy firms but it was during this time that she developed her love of navy and blue - the colours that define her personal style...

“I’ve always been acutely aware of looking like me, like Judith,” says business psychologist and fashion blogger Judith Crawford, aka Tales of Jude. For ten years, Judith worked for a variety of (male-dominated) management consultancy firms in Northern and Southern Ireland. “How I dressed had an impact on how I was treated. I developed a capsule wardrobe of navy and charcoal suits that were appropriate and professional, but which colleagues associated with me,” she explains.

This is how she developed her love of navy and blue – the colours that define her personal style and her beautifully curated blog. “Blues, corals and peaches suit me,” says Judith, who was colour analysed at the age of 18. She cherishes an Iris & Ink navy trench coat and a Tibi blazer and describes her premium go-to brands as “ageless”. “I like contrasts, so Sacai and MSGM appeal to me. These brands are not overly feminine, but not completely androgynous either.”

Photography by Barry McCall

Photography by Barry McCall


On the high street, Judith loves Zara, Levi’s for T-shirts, Genevieve Sweeney for knitwear, and Topshop for standout pieces. Although she hasn’t yet returned to work after having her second child, Judith isn’t spending her time snapping up sales items. “I make a conscious effort not to shop for the sake of it,” she admits. “But I do make an effort to dress up and feel good now that I’m with the kids all day.”

Judith is adamant you’ll never see her in sportswear unless she’s on her way to play a sport. “Women are very capable. They can look great; groomed, poised, have a dress sense, have children and a career, and provide support to their wider families. That’s what’s called upon us. But you have to feel in control of yourself, and this comes from looking in the mirror and knowing you look like you .”

This article originally appeared in the September issue of IMAGE Magazine. Words by Marie Kelly, videography by Niamh O'Donoghue.

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