Puma's New Ballet-Inspired Spring Collection Is Beautiful

In case you ever doubted that ballet - for all its beauty and grace - is a sport as tough as any, Puma are vowing to help back this up with the launch of their new aptly titled "Swan Pack" collection of clothing.

In partnership with the New York City Ballet - they have been Puma's official activewear partner since June last year -?Swan Pack is inspired by the grace and strength of ballet, with each piece from the collection - in mostly black and white with some swan motifs where appropriate - was designed to combine performance, functionality, comfort and style and help those who wear the clothing feel like the best version of themselves. The 'Do You' campaign is all about inspiring confidence, according to InStyle?and in clothing that beautiful, how could you not feel good? See a glimpse of the line in our gallery above snd start saving before the collection lands in the next few weeks.


We'll be buying many pairs?of the Basket Heart runners, which have the stunning toe-shoe-esque laces.

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